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Tasty Rack is the new must-try at Bulli

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

We love a good feast, but we love the stories behind the culinary delights on offer every Sunday even more! We sat down with Jason of Tasty Rack (@tastyrack on Instagram) to discuss the new taste sensation sweeping Sundays off its feet.

Kachina: When I approached Bronson with a serving of your amazing sticky wings, I've got to be honest he was a little hesitant! But after that first bite the look on his face said it all: the freshness; the flavour; love and care that you could taste. There's something special about a chef and his food. Tell us all about it!

Jason: I always loved cooking growing up. I would cook with my grandmother and learnt how to cook all her favourite Ukrainian dishes and just wanted to know more. I would learn all the different meals from friends parents growing up.

K: I find that the best inspiration comes from family. What inspired you to choose meat as your medium?

J: As someone who loves meat I always like looking at new ways of cooking meats and would watch cooking shows and pickup tips which I tweaked in my cooking.

K: Where did you start, professionally?

J: I started work at Costa Azzurra wood fire restaurant as a pizza cook when I was working as a stockman in another company and loved it so much I left that company and started working at Costa Azzurra full time. After a year I asked if I could start an apprenticeship.

K: and after gathering all of that fabulous experience your journey lead you to tasty rack?

J: Yes it did! Tasty Rack is a family run business that has a lot of different world wide and  American BBQ flavours with a twist and also wanting everyone to be able to enjoy the food I make, even if they have a food allergy or intolerance.

K: tell us more about your approach to being allergy aware?

J: To be allergy aware is very important and to be able to make our meals to get the exact flavour we wanted to achieve in our meals is our goal so that everyone can enjoy it. You'll have to stop by on Sundays to see what's cooking!

K: thanks for taking the time with me Jason! Finally, before we go, tell us what you favourite thing on the menu is?

J: My favourite meal is the 16hr slow cook brisket and my wife's is dry rub pork ribs and my daughter's is my sugar and spiced roast corn.

Get on down to the showground for some good, old-fashioned, family cooked delights from Tasty Rack. Don't forget to follow their socials!


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