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Talking with the Team

'Talking with the Team' is a new feature of our weekly blog that will profile the people on the other side of the markets. The behind the scenes crew who do all of the in-between work to make each and every Sunday so special. This week we thought we'd start with the man who started it all.

We sat down with Mr Rick Powell to discuss his background in marketing, what the new markets mean to him; and exactly what he thinks is the key to making more sales!

Kachina: so tell our readers a little bit more about your background.

Rick: I spent over a decade as the national sponsorship and marketing director for an ASX listed company; 22 years as Fox Sports and Main Event‘s Ring Announcer of Choice; 30 years in sound, lighting, audio, and visual. I could go on, but I fear we’d be here until the sun rises!

Kachina: that’s definitely a rich and storied history. How has that helped you in this new endeavour?

Rick: the experiences of marketing, advertising, and promotion from previous roles have helped extensively, especially in the initial stages of getting the word out. The knowledge of sound and lighting has also assisted me in defining our market’s unique selling point.

Kachina: so, could you leave us with three tips for small businesses at market that you feel would help them maximise their selling potential?

Rick: ok. 1) engage with everyone - anyone is a potential customer. 2) your attitude sets your altitude - you are in control of your business‘s potential. 3) First Impressions are everything - make sure your potential clients see how much effort you’re putting in.

Kachina: any final words?

Rick: we’re on-site each and every week. If you want to pick my brain about anything markets and marketing, come and take a seat and we’ll have a coffee. We thrive when we enrich the experience of others.

We return on the 21st of July with our magical Christmas in July market. Can’t wait to see you all!


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