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Need coffee? We've got coffee. Real good coffee.

We've had such a wonderful response to our 'Stallholder Spotlight' blogs that we're having to make them a regular feature! Seems everyone can't wait to get to know just a little bit more about their favourite weekly stop.

This week we're focussing on one of the cornerstones of every good market; Coffee! We've got two legendary coffee experts on board at Bulli Showground Markets, and over the next two weeks we'll be focussing on their history, philosophies, and what they love about markets.

This week our superstar interviewer and chanteuse, Miss Kachina Lewis, sat down with the early morning saviours at Colombian Coffee Connection to discuss their "single origins".

Cesar: There's something infectious about your team. How do you create such a wonderful happy team of baristas?

Name: We feel blessed by the universe. We have had the opportunity of living in this amazing country full of remarkable people where history is, right now, on the making. We are part of it and every day counts. Our team understands and feels that.

We are not in the coffee business serving people... We are in the people business serving coffee...

K: What is your morning brew choice and why?

C: Single Origin coffees, Filtered with The Japanese Bulb (Largo) or with the traditional cotton bag overlooking botany bay from our Little Bay home

K: Is there a Colombian Coffee headquarters?

C: Our Roastery is a Co-working space in Banksmeadow. We call it "The Church"

Every Monday we roast our coffee there while cupping and absorbing knowledge of our own Coffee Roasting Yoda: Specialty Coffee Pioneer Mars Dimakey. Then our on premises at Buckley St, Marrickville where we store our final product, equipment. Offices, training room and an up and coming espresso bar are also there.

K: What is it about markets? We have to admit you seem to have a line-up on Sunday mornings including me and my macadamia latte. I can't seem to stop at one. What is it that makes you unique to other coffee connoisseurs?

C: Our points of difference are the direct and very transparent relationship we have with the coffee farmers and indigenous communities who have joined the specialty coffee program where we exchange sustainable and fair commercial practices in exchange of superior quality. Such quality is the result of a whole program of traditional farming focused on sustainability and superior quality production, developed by our associates in the field, Cofinet.

The variety of Climates and ecosystems in Colombia is like no other on the planet. That combined with an almost endless amount of coffee varietals allowed us to specialise in the complexity of Colombian Coffee production.

Cesar's team are at Bulli Showground Markets every week, so come on down and enjoy their finest brew!


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