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Meg, owner of Stevenson's Fine Foods, chews the fat with Kachina

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Megan Stevenson has had a long and storied history when it comes to her great passions in life. I say passions because the only thing that equals this tenacious woman's love for food is the love for her beautiful family. Working in markets over the years I've gotten to know Meg, and it was an honour to sit down with her and discuss the finer points of her culinary journey.

Kachina: When did you start showing a passion for food?

Meg: When I was two I had my first kitchen injury. This occurred because I insisted on helping my mum peel carrots. It was a bloody trip to the hospital for some stitches but that did not stop me and I still cut myself today losing nails and more! So, you could say I started young.

K: How did Stevenson's Fine Foods begin? And when?

M: More than 8 years ago I went out alone and started markets after years of training international students in the culinary arts and setting up small businesses for other people. It was time to do something for me and my family.

K: How long have you been in the food industry for?

M: 26 years and no plans to slow down!

K: Describe Stevenson's Fine Foods?

M: I cook what I eat and I sell what I love cooking. We cover a vast array of people throughout the NSW region.

K: What inspires you to create the Fine Foods from Stevenson's?

M: Seasonality, creativity, and my amazing customer base.

K: What's your favourite cuisine?

M: I love them all but as a first year I trained under a Chinese Malay chef. I love the lightness and freshness of Asian cuisine and anyone who has eaten my food knows I love fresh herbs.

K: I can attest to that. Your Tiger Wraps are are next level fusion hit! It's my son's new favourite way to enjoy bacon and eggs.

K: Tell us about your foodie background and passion.

M: I started my apprenticeship whilst doing my hsc in Canberra at the age of 16. I did my time throughout all facets of the food industry:

Fine dining;


Catering company’s and small businesses;

From there I finished with awards from competitions with our own Surge Danseur and then did my time in fine dining. I travelled the world working as a freelance food writer for What’s Now, the Woolworths good taste mag, and then found myself in America, working as a trainer to Jamaican students then opening my own restaurant before heading back to oz in 2004. The rest? That will have to wait for my biography!

K: I heard you are now doing take home ready meals, what are the meal options? Tell us about them.

M: Our meals are made with love and from the freshest sole provider produce we can source. Serving two generous portions or four smaller ones with veg and carb if you can be bothered. Each week we serve a varied selection based on seasonality customer request and my creativity. Over the years there have been many requests of favourites from hundreds of my dishes. I can't wait to see what they ask for next!

You can catch Meg regularly at Bulli Showground Markets. This weekend, however, she'll be celebrating the first birthday for her new son 'Mini'. Check our socials to see when Meg will be back with all of her goodies!


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