• Bronson Powell

Meet Justine; she's our Honey Queen

From the very start of our market journey, there's been one very persistent, very vocal, very loving outpouring of support from one very special soul. Meet Justine; she's our honey queen and we're going to tell you about what she's offering at Bulli Showground Markets every Sunday.

Once you taste one of her beautiful honey concoctions, you'll know that these bespoke treats are truly a cut above. Our personal favourite is the cacao-infused honey. It's so creamy, sweet, and balanced that it's almost like tasting honey for the first time.

But it's not just her honey that shocks and awes. Her presentation, knowledge, and eco conscious ethos really show that her spirit is purely dedicated to her small business. Her honeycomb tasting packs are the perfect gift for any time of year, and contain a wide selection of her finest products.

But then there's the question of bags? What are you going to carry all of these precious, fragile goods back home so you can enjoy them for weeks to come? Don't worry, Justine creates a range of her own bespoke reusable bags, each of which contain a eco-conscious message for you to consider over your morning toast and honey.

And then there's Behind the Scenes efforts that she's put in. The fantastic, hand painted signage that you may have seen in the local area promoting our markets is all thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated stallholders. When we started this market we wanted to make important decisions by committee; many decisions in markets are made without the consultation of the stallholders, hence we felt we needed to include our dedicated, permanent stallholders in our market committee.

Justine was invited to be a part of this committee and made some fantastic submissions for consideration during our first meeting. Often, there can be a resistance for management to communicate openly with stallholders; however, we truly feel as though stallholders like Justine make it that much easier. She's full of positivity, optimism, and creativity and is totally dedicated to making these markets work.

Come on down and meet her this Sunday; she'll probably talk your ear off but there's not a doubt in our minds that you'll learn a thing or two and go home with the best tasting honey in Bulli.


Address: Bulli Showground, Grevillea Park Rd, Bulli, NSW 2516


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