• Bronson Powell

Love comes to Bulli in a Teabag

When you think love you think tea, right? A nice hot cuppa with a biscuit or two and the days woes simply dissolve away. What's that? You haven't heard of the heart-warming benefits of tea‽ Then surely you've missed a trick by not attending Bulli Showground Markets over the Valentine's Day weekend; and doubly sure you're yet to receive a blessing from the Tea Fairy!

Confused? Yet to catch up? Let's go back to the start then.

[Interior, Early Sunday Morning]

The Stallholders at Bulli Showground Markets were weary-eyed after a weekend full of serving lovers aplenty, but getting no love in return. Whatever were our intrepid gang of faithfuls to do? Spirits were low, and morale even lower until - suddenly - as the beneficent sun peaked over the crest of the horizon, we were blessed by the presence of a most unusual sprite.

Not a Watersprite, to be clear. We're quite accustomed to the ethereal musings of our resident medium Alison, and these blessings did not come from beyond the void. No, they were from a land of biscuits, crumpets, comfort, boiling kettles, and kitschy humour. Why, it was the Tea Fairy, from the Land of Two Homes! The fairy, interestingly, switched forms throughout the day and never once failed to bring a smile to stall holders and patrons alike. Consider it, for a second: a magical being from a far away land, handing out complimentary compliments to each and every person at the market - something different; something beautiful; something very Bulli.

Jokes aside this really did inspire smiles across our diverse stall-holder family. During a characteristically quiet time in markets, we managed to brighten up a few days and show the locals that there's always a smile at Bulli Showground Markets.

Tea from Two Homes can be found at BULLI Showground Markets, The Collective Kiama, Nan Tien Health & Wellbeing Market and from the 1st March they will showcase their beautiful teas online via ‘Made It’. Watersprite Tarot can be found at Bulli Showground Markets Sundays 9 - 2pm or by phone readings M: 0407922361. So come on down to Bulli Showground Markets and engage - nay, enrich! - your spiritual side. We know you're already on your way; we've seen it in the cards, as well as the tea leaves.

Happy Sipping,

The Team


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