• Bronson Powell

A response to the situation regarding COVID-19

Hello stall-holders, patrons, and the wonderful community of Bulli and the greater Illawarra who have supported our little market.

I am writing this response to communicate with the general public and small business community who utilise our services on a weekly basis that protocols and procedures surrounding the market will be changing, effective immediately, in order to ensure that we can continue to deliver essential services that the market facilitates.

The COVID-19 pandemic and responses surrounding the crisis continue to change and we are doing our best to stay on top of recommendations and exemptions therein; importantly, we have always been able to provide an open air environment with a low density/frequency of patronage that fits the current stipulations as at March 18th 2020. However, in order to maintain the utmost standards of safety and hygiene there are a few necessary measures that must be executed effective immediately in order to safely operate under the current guidelines.

- There will be one entry/exit point whilst these health and safety measures are in place. By doing this we will be able to effectively monitor numbers in and out of the market in order to continue to comply with current standards. If numbers begin to approach 350-400 then the gate will be closed until numbers reach a lower density. This does not mean you cannot attend, it simply means that you should wait in your car until you see the gates re-open for trade. This is to ensure that everyone within the large facility can observe social distancing and the hand sanitiser supplies on site are not diminished prematurely. Please make sure you clean and sanitise your hands as necessary, but consider others when doing so.

- Stall holders and patrons alike are asked to self-quarantine if they feel any symptoms that could be described as flu-like. You cannot be too cautious when it comes to your own safety and the impact that has on the wider community.

- Practice moderation and remember that the small businesses that patronise our markets have finite stock numbers; try to think and purchase rationally.

- Any antisocial behaviour at the market will not be tolerated. Please remember the common courtesy we all extended to our neighbours during the bushfire crisis, and know it is that spirit which is needed now, more than ever.

- we are asking people not to gather at the market and, as such, will not be providing additional seating or entertainment until restrictions around public gatherings have eased in mid-June. This does not mean that you shouldn't patronise your usual favourites, it simply means that you'll have to enjoy these things in the comfort of your own home. Some business are offering a click and collect type service to allow customers to quickly shop and return home. Get in touch your regular stalls and see what they're offering;

- for the foreseeable future, there will be a noticeable change in our social media presence. We will use the channel for means of essential communication and move away from our prior focus of advertising and promotion. We believe that the less clutter there is in terms of information, the easier it will be for everyone to understand what exactly is happening with markets.

The situation changes every hour, and some are taking it harder than others. If you can't see the good in humankind then question why you haven't made that change yourself. We are an incredible, diverse, and industrious species, who have surmounted far worse with far less at hand. Keep those around you buoyant and optimistic, and reach out to those who are struggling to stay afloat. It might get worse, it might get scarier, the maelstrom of chaos could open at any moment - but we don't know; so there's hope, and therein, we find solace, shelter, and respite.


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