• Bronson Powell

2020 brings all your favourites back to Bulli!

We can hardly believe that it's almost been a year since we started. With our first birthday on the horizon (little over two months away) we're so excited to let you behind the curtain on a few things we've got in store to say thank you for your continued support.

Our team is a combination of professionals from varied backgrounds, and even our combined experience couldn't prepare us for the learning curb that we'd encounter as market operators; still we pushed onwards, bolstered by the support and knowledge imparted to us via our stall-holder committee, as well as the feedback we'd receive on the ground from our loyal patrons.

Over the January long weekend we experienced just how successful large scale events can be, when we were honoured to work alongside Bulli Showgrounds with the convening of the Illawarra's very first Pet Festival. We saw huge numbers attend over the two days (in excess of 10,000!) and, overall, the event was a great success!

With a host of activities, guest speakers, pet-focussed demonstrations, and live animal shows there was something for everyone to do. Personal favourites from the team were:

Kachina: “I was blown away by our very own PETTALKS, which was a host of people speaking on about their businesses. This was something I came up with when planning the program after speaking with many people. Some were actually scared of public speaking. The women who wanted to run away at the thought of speaking in front of others delivered wonderful speeches which were inspiring, passionate and humorous. I actually took home a lot of new information about their business.”

Bronson: "I was absolutely fascinated by the team (scaly, human, and otherwise) from Live Reptile Displays. Andrew (CHECK) was so in control of both the animals and the audience that I could've sworn he was a snake charmer. Whilst I noticed Kachina hovering around the enclosure, Mr. Rick Powell was conspicuously absent during all showings. Do you think he might be scared of snakes?"

Rick: "I was truly in awe of the whole day, to be honest, but I was especially fond of our little Best In Show Pet Talent Quest. The lookalike category was hilarious, and you could really see the affection between the owners and their pets."

Evidently, we couldn't have had more fun if we tried - and that sentiment was echoed throughout the Illawarra.

We truly can't wait to see what 2021 holds for the Illawarra Pet Fest. All we know is that it's going to be even bigger and better than this year's - and that's saying something.


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